Getting Ready & After

Since one of the major factors for pricing of carpet cleaning is time, it really pays to be ready ahead of time so the carpet cleaning crew can concentrate on just that, carpet cleaning

What can you do in preparation for having your carpets cleaned? 

  • Please provide a parking place as close as possible to the area to be cleaned.  Our hoses are connected to our van and the shorter the span the better
  • Pre-vacuum thourougly the carpet areas that are to be cleaned.  If we need to, we will vacuum if necessary, but this will save us time and you money
  • Remove any breakable items on furniture that is to be moved
  • Make arrangements so no one will be in the areas to be cleaned for safety concerns  and to allow enough time for the carpet to dry before walking on it
  • Please make arrangements to keep children and pets away from the work areas
  • If you are not going to be there, please leave written instructions as far as the areas to be cleaned, special concerns,  and a phone # to reach you
  • If you have one of our spotter bottles, please set out so we can refill.  First bottle free, refills free.  Extra bottles $10 each.
  • On empty residences, we will need electricity for lighting and for our equipment.   We bring soft water for cleaning and our system heats the water

What to do after cleaning

  • Allow time for the carpet to dry before walking on it.   Walking on wet carpet can cause re-soiling.  Usually takes about 3-4 hours under good drying conditions.  Will take longer if topical treatments are applied, like deodorizers and protector treatments
  • Do not set furniture on wet carpet as it can leave rust stains and permanent furniture stains.
  • Leave blocks and plastic tabs (if used) until the carpet feels dry to the touch
  • For best drying time after cleaning; Turn on ceiling fans and set your system to “fan” to accelerate drying time.
    In cold weather, with the heater on,  partially open a window to allow humid air to escape because the higher the humidity in the air, the slower it will dry..  Lower inside temperatures will also slow down drying
  • In warm/hot  dry weather,  opening windows is the fastest way to dry.  The other option is to use your air conditioner since it removes humidity from the air.
  • Heavy soiled carpets require extra cleaning which means more moisture.  Topical treatments like deodorizers and protectors also require more drying time.
  • On residential carpet, once the carpet is dry, it is ready to use.  No need to vacuum after cleaning unless instructed