We are so confident that you will be pleased  with our service we offer our unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  It’s Risk Free!  If we can’t clean your carpet to your expectations, then it’s FREE.  No charge.  But let’s be realistic, if you have a carpet that is beyond cleaning, we will tell you ahead of time what to expect. If we can’t meet those expectations, there is no charge.  If you think you are demanding and picky about clean carpets, so are we!



In carpet cleaning, there are many variables that can affect the final results.  Even though it does not happen often, there can be unseen spills in the backing waiting for moisture to wick up after the carpet is cleaned and show up after the carpet dries after cleaning.  For this reason we offer a 30 day No Spot Returning Guarantee.  If spots or re-soiling occurs within 30 days, we will re-clean the area at no cost to you.  This excludes pet stains.