Not all Carpet Cleaning is the Same.

The important thing is to determine why you want to have your carpets cleaned.

  1. Do you have a particular problem, like pet stains or drink spills? 
  2. Will you have young children on the carpet? 
  3. Do you want your carpets cleaned not only for the appearance but for your and your family’s health? 

Not all carpet cleaning companies have the capability to provide the level of carpet cleaning as Dyna Clene.

  There are several different kind of carpet cleaning methods. Dyna Clene uses a rotary jet extraction method. This uses not only very hot water, but also a deeper agitation, getting out even deeply set-in dirt and stains. Our cleaning agents are safe for you and all the members of your family, including pets. The extraction method ensure that there isn’t a residue left in your carpet which could cause your carpets to re-soil more quickly. Other methods can leave a residue, use chemicals that can be both harsh and harmful when children and pets play on your carpets. Most “do–it–yourself” methods leave a heavy residue and only clean the surface, causing your carpets to become dirtier within a very short amount of time.

It’s worth it to get Dyna Clene! Call for your appointment today!

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